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To Stage or Not to Stage?

Reggie Resper

Hi, I'm Reggie Resper, a licensed Realtor in Illinois and Missouri...

Hi, I'm Reggie Resper, a licensed Realtor in Illinois and Missouri...

Sep 18 5 minutes read

Is it necessary to have my home staged?

We are faced with this question every time we go on a listing appointment.  I will give you my recommendation after we cover the advantages and disadvantages of staging your home.  I encourage my sellers to put on consumer glasses that enable us as a team to visualize the property from a buyer’s perspective.  When your home goes on the market, it has to be desirable to multiple demographics of buyers, if your goal is to sell your home for the most amount of profit in the shortest amount of time.  

When sellers have their home staged before showing, they write their own story highlighting the best features of the property.  An unstaged home assumes that the buyers and the sellers have the same taste and the same vision of functionality.  Staging is a lot like going to an Apple Store.  It’s evident that Apple’s product placement is strategic to encourage consumers to make purchases.  The top selling products are accessible, and the store is elegant and orderly.  As a seller, your mindset should be similar: very organized, and the flow and layout have to make sense.  When the decision is made to put the home up for sale, then the property should be viewed as a retail store.  

For example, Resper Group Real Estate presents two different staging options.  The first available service we offer is a personal stager.  The stager will meet with clients to advise on paint and flooring colors, furniture placement, decluttering tips, curb appeal, and other necessary improvements.  The Stager is also looking for distractions that will keep buyers from envisioning themselves living in your home.  Buyers are looking for a house that accents their furniture with room to entertain.  The buyers become distracted when they see too many family photos, organized clutter, and counters consumed with appliances.  The second option is when the property has little to no decor to furnish the dwelling.  The seller can rent complete furniture packages to showcase their house and make it desirable to prospective buyers.  The decor will make spaces look livable and ensure that buyers can envision inhabiting all living spaces within the home.  I have a great example of how staging paid off for a Resper Group Real Estate client.  This property, in particular, was listed for over 100 days with no substantial offers, despite numerous showings.  After one of our weekly meetings, the seller said: “We are ready to consult with your Stager.”  You can’t make up the ending to this story.  Two days after the stager decorated the vacant home, the next buyer that toured the house put an offer on the property.  Now I will be the first to tell you that in this home the living room and the eat-in kitchen made it a nightmare to sell without furniture.  Upon walking in the front door, buyers saw small living areas with high ceilings which led into the only eating space in residence.  With over 27 showings it was apparent that buyers were not able to imagine how to make the property cozy and homey.  Each home is different as are the results, but I’m confident that staging made the difference in the sale of this house.

As promised, here's my recommendation.   It’s tough for me to make a case against staging a house before listing for all buyers to tour.  In case you can’t tell from the previous paragraphs, I highly recommend the staging of properties.  In my professional opinion, staging services should be a package deal when taking your home to the market.  In my research and my experience, staging provides tremendous results for our clients when executed to perfection. Staging your home adds an extra expense to our company, but it is worth it because my responsibility is to sell your house for the most amount of profit in the shortest amount of time. Please feel free to contact Reggie Resper at [email protected] for any questions or comments regarding this article.

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